Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Music & Women

Is the saying true?
A woman falls in love in a man's presence.
A man falls in love in a woman's absence.

I'm very curious about this because we all know the song from Beyonce who is telling the men if they liked it they should've put a ring on it. Which I don't necessarily agree with, the song should really be "If you loved me then you would've put a ring on it". Is it really true that a man waits for the woman to no longer want him before he realizes she's the one? Why gamble? I'm so intrigued by all of this men, women, relationships, feelings, and all of the crap that goes along with it. I have been single for so long and in my dating career I have come across this actually quite a few times. You do the whole dating thing and getting to know each other and all of a sudden they stop calling you. You don't know why but this is dating so you kick the dust from the last dude and continue to what seems to be the never ending cycle of dating. I am very well aware that not everyone is meant for me but I have to say that those guys that stopped calling will call, ohhh they will call, as they have on many occasions with the oh I made a mistake, I'm sorry and I've realized you are the girl for me. Well whether or not there is a ring on it I aint biting! I've been over it and in the process of being over it, I have also discovered that they weren't the men for me anyway and I'm glad they walked when they did...too bad though cause they ALMOST had a great thing.

It's really sad because who I recently discovered that I like listening to is a kid and that is Soulja Boy. I wasn't into the whole Superman thing but I am really feeling his "Soulja Girl" and "Kiss Me Through the Phone". Damn it, I was trying to steer clear of the young ones but is that who I need to date? I don't know about what your thinking but it's sad that an 18 year old can represent what grown men should be representing instead of songs like "Birthday Sex". Sorry dude I don't want your birthday sex. The guy doesn't even wanna take her to dinner. Instead he wants to give her a present that is really meant for him. Has the times resorted to my reward being "Birthday Sex"? If you can't buy me a present that shows my worth I'll be more understanding because i'm worth a lot and my worth aint birthday sex. It also saddens me that females are really jamming to this song as if they were getting a present but the reality is LADIES you are the one giving up the diamonds for the penis and is that really an even exchange?

I've added a pole to the right of the blog: Does a man fall in love in a woman's absence? Please vote ;)

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  1. Very interesting post Jaz. Reminds me of the old saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". After some consideration I believe that it all depends on the people involved.