Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daisy of Love

I've been watching the Daisy of Love show and honestly it drives me up the freakin' wall. I have watched so many of these "Of Love" shows and although we know that in the end no one is really a "love" winner but in most of the competitions the competitors will actually compete.
I am so annoyed with this show because every week there is some poor insecure loser walking away from Daisy because they don't like the competition. They feel bad that she is spending time with the other dudes in the house so "Oh she must not like me cause she's spending time with the other dudes...WTF it's called Daisy of Love, when it's the boys looking for love the females are fighting for the affection of the man. At the end of the show the men get to choose who goes home, so far on Daisy of Love there hasn't been a full complete elimination. Daisy isn't getting the choice of picking who gets to leave, the boys feel as if they shouldn't have to compete for her attention. Again WTF? If a man wants a woman doesn't he go after her or excuse me shouldn't he go after her? Shouldn't he eliminate the competion with his charm, affection, presence, and love? He really should be showing her what he is capable of offering her and why she shouldn't be thinking of all the other competitors.
So let me get this straight in my world, the boys will compete when it comes to sports, drinking, strength, and whatever else they love to do but they wouldn't compete for the affection of a potential partner, hmmm interesting!! TV, music, books, and my experience is really teaching me how ridiculous it is of women to expect an unconditional love or contemplate romance in their lives because the men aren't doing it. Unfortunately the only thing that will come from the ridiculous behavior of the boys is females will start thinking with their vaginas (not their emotions) and start having the same attitude. As a woman I know that....ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER!!!

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