Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When I woke up this morning to my lovely Mason I was unaware that pending events were in store for me so as usual I woke up, served Mason his strawberry milk and green apple, and made some coffee. I turned the television on and started watching Maury Povich (I remember when Migna and I used to play hookie just to go see Maury -- the memories) and he made me aware of today being the 8th Annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy -- who knew?? The show had the typical teenagers who are the toughest girls that don't have any respect for themselves let alone their mothers. These girls were trying to get pregnant because they all wanted babies to love them. They didn't care who they were having sex with and they weren't using protection. These were little girls...I mean you had a 13 year old come out with a pacifier in her mouth and she wanted 3 kids by the time she was 16?!?!?!?!?!? Well of course they sent them to Baby Boot Camp and made them care for real live babies for 24 hours, these girls left that house not wanting to know crap about babies or being a mother!
My point to the story is MOTHERHOOD is a difficult task, don't get me wrong if you have nothing else to do, if you have a maid, if you have a cook, if you don't have to work, and don't enjoy spending time alone or with others than being a mother is probably the perfect thing to do or be. But in my reality I have things to do, I don't have a maid, I don't have a cook, and I really enjoy having alone time and spending time with others. I am fortunate to not have to work at the moment so I spend quality time with Mason usually day and night! But I have endured some rough moments being a Mom to Mason. Mason is a wonderful, smart, intelligent 2 year old who started walking at the nice ripe age of 7 months old, I have been living through the terrible 2 stage for the past 17 months and Mason hasn't even turned 2. I won't speak for anybody else but I will speak for myself being a mother is the crappiest job I ever had, I wanna call out sick people but damn it I wake up and my job is waiting for my eyes to open. I don't even have a chance to wake up let alone brush my teeth before I am running to the kitchen for milk and food, then ughhh changing that dirty nasty diaper yet again -- who wants breakfast after that? Depending on the morning maybe I get to lay down for another 20-30 minutes and give my brain the time to catch up with everything that has just occured but then there are other days that there just isn't time for any brain activity and hey maybe I'll survive! That's just the first 30 minutes of my day I have a whole day left!
Paid jobs are usually 8 hours with a lunch break and a paycheck...being a mom never ends, you may eat a meal on occasion and there is no paycheck at the end of the week. So if your a teenager reading this, these are the truths behind the scenes:
  • It's not easy.
  • Babies don't know how to love so they are not going to love you, they will take your love, your food, your diapers, your sanity, and anything else valuable!!
  • Babies will not fill your void!!!
  • Abuse is illegal!
Actually if you are a teenager reading this you shouldn't even be having sex, pregnancy and babies are a huge responsibility but let's not forget the diseases being spread by having unprotected sex...but I guess they have a whole other day for that.

I don't want to be a mom that complains about how rough being a mother is but I feel that I have heard so many GREAT things about being a parent but I feel like people are just full of crap. Nobody wants to feel like they are being a bad parent because they want a break from the job that never ends but you need it! Even when I get paid to work I still want a schedule, days off, and vacations so why can't I be entitled to those things because I am a mom? Why do I have to feel bad because I want a break from my child? Well in case you didn't notice I don't feel bad...I love Mason soooooo much, he is a great child, he is smart, he is handsome, he is charming, he is loving --- he is so so loving BUT he can also be messy, destructive, violent, and a stunt man and guess what? I still need that break and I am not going to feel bad! It keeps me sane to know that I am being real with myself, it keeps me humble to know I can't do it alone so I am grateful for my family who is so supportive, it keeps me from injuring my child that I know at the end of the week there is a break waiting for me and guess what...MASON IS THE HAPPIEST BABY I KNOW, I must be doing something right but I really won't know until the results are revealed when he is his own man. Anyway I'm tired and the brain has shut down!


  1. this was hysterical...

  2. It is THE hardest job....wait until Mason starts telling you that you NEVER let him do anything fun AND that you ALWAYS yell at him. But the best thing that erases all of that is when I walk in the door and I hear, "Mommy, you're home!" along with a big hug. It is the best! You are doing a great job with Mason!!! Keep it up and yes, take time for yourself!!! We all need it!!

  3. Jeez what a cry baby,You shouldnt have got your self knocked up.Well I bet your kid dont cry,looks like you do enough crying for the both of yous.What a loser,You most likely be one of dem ladies that drowns her kid because "Augh,life is so hard and I aint got a baby daddy to beat me and help raise this kid"
    Be a woman suck it up and keep it movin.

  4. Wow....The person who actually sat there and said to suck it up is either a hater, someone without children or someone that actually has a man that beats her and takes advantage of you. The nerve of some people. I thought this was a good Sassy Jassy. Keep it up.