Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Men, what men?

So here I sit - single and wondering if the right man is ever going to appear in my life. I've tried to remain positive about love and romance but can't help to feel as though what I am looking for in a mate will remain a silhouette in my mind. I've already done the lowering of standards because maybe "they were just too high" and settling because maybe the man for me is now dead but I was wrong as I have been on many occasions when it comes to the opposite sex. I've come up with the conclusion that as low as my standards may go there still hasn't been a man to fulfill the criteria of just being a man. I might as well just own a dog, even be the old lady with millions of cats - at least they have some loyalty. Males are so quick to have the expectation of a woman who cooks, cleans, takes care of all the responsibilities of the house, manages/cares for the children, and still continue to work because of financial difficulties in this day and age. They all want their "mommies" in their woman but damn it what happened to the days when the "daddies" actually handled their responsibilities of taking care of their families? I know most people haven't had daddies that have taken care of their families but I am one of the fortunate ones that did! Males have been failing all over the place when it comes to their duties but yet the image of a women is forced to remain the same, huh?!?!?

I am a woman who is capable of paying the rent, buying the food, clothing my child, taking care of my child, being loyal, I feed the cat, I pay the utility bills and much, much more! But yet I have to lower my standards because I have yet to meet a man that can do the same! We as women make to many excuses for the poor excuses of the males we attempt to call MEN. Women need to start raising their expectations of their partners or potential partners because if woMAN came from man then why are the WOMAN able to be so much more successful in taking care of OUR responsibilities all by ourselves then these males we call men? It's because their mommies continue to baby them, the ladies accept it, and simply because we make to many excuses because "they have potential"...damn it WE ALL HAVE POTENTIAL we just choose whether or not we will use it to our advantage!!! It's so frustrating and I'm just not going to take it anymore! The males need to step it up past the dog house level and give us something to fight for!!

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