Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaders & Followers

I was driving down College Point Blvd this morning and there is a small section where the lines in the street are hardly visible, all of a sudden the three lanes that were just all in formation became a chaotic mess. What just happened? Keep driving forward what is the problem? Why is it that when the lines in the road are not visible, people all of a sudden lose their sense of direction? Forward is forward! Makes me think about rules and the laws. Apparently when there is a line, laws, or rules MOST people will follow.
Which takes me to a whole other topic...Leaders & Followers.
Human beings wonder why there are rules, laws and a bunch of other stuff that stop them from doing what they want to do but in reality if there were no lines, no rules, no laws, no religion, no politics all there would be is CHAOS!!! I know most of you don't understand it but if your ever driving down 1st Ave in Manhattan...it's the same thing. The lines are hardly visible and all of sudden everyone is all over the freakin' place. It annoys the crap out of me I guess because I fall under the Leader category. I bypass the chaos and all of sudden everyone is behind me still trying to figure it all out. People WTF?!? If you can't make decisions for yourself stay home, what's up with all the stupidity and the deer in the headlight looks? Do followers even know what they are following most of the time or do you just kinda go with the flow? I guess now I have an even better understanding about HATERS, maybe they want to be leaders but they just don't know how -- But I'll share my secret...it's called COMMON SENSE and if you don't have any you'll be in the ass end of the pile up!

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