Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Yesterday I read an article written by another blogger called Jerks Get More Girls. I attached the article so you can read along:

I don't necessarily agree with this article but most people will say it's true nice guys finish last. I don't think it's the nice guys who finishes last, it's the guy who doesn't feel secure and confident with himself that finishes last. If your a go getter then you get what you want, if not your still standing there waiting for the cheese!! Hey nice guys...women want to be proud of their men, protected, and secure. If you don't have these qualities or you don't show these qualities then she's not looking at you like the forever guy, you just became her "Mr Right Now" guy. Let's not get this twisted either, there are a lot of great females out there who have great qualities to offer men but men aren't looking for those women they too are looking for their "Ms Right Now", the difference between men and women is most women will settle for being "Ms Right Now", I know I'm not settling for that title! I also read another article that I want to share with the ladies, it's an excellent article from a guy's point of view:

It really bothers me that the male species thinks they know what a woman is looking for in a mate but can you blame them? Most women don't know what they want in a mate either. Men think that a woman will settle for anything because unfortunately most times they do. I started dating back in September '08 after a 2 year hiatus from the dating world and I tried the thing because I knew of many successes behind it. The experience for me was not as successful. Don't get me wrong I have met many cool people through the experience and some that I am still friends with but there was no match and do you know why? Because most of them weren't on there looking for a match, I spent money because I assumed it would be taken a little more serious but in the end I found a bunch of serial daters. I don't like to look at any experiences as a bad least I got some free food out of it! The one thing I have learned about dating is that you will figure out what you are looking for in a mate, as we get older the criteria that were are looking for in a man gets narrower and narrower and if you don't fit it then you ain't going to get with it!
The divorce rate is high because no one is taking the time to really see if two people are compatible for each other. Marriage isn't about the right now, it's about the FOREVER! People change, financial situations change, and apparently marriage has become more of an expensive dating lifestyle. Whatever happened to "Til Death Do Us Part"? and I don't mean let's kill our spouses. There is no sanctimony in marriage anymore. People want to have a huge fancy wedding but does anyone really take the time to think about what happens when the wedding is over and the marriage actually begins? Ever had a best friend or a favorite family member live with you or become a roommate? Well most times once people live together they realize they can't stand certain things about the other person and then it creates havoc in the living environment someone moves out and the friendship is now over. Well basically marriage is the same thing! You move in with your partner and all of a sudden you can't stand each other, everything they do irritates you and instead of trying to focus on the things that made you love each other, people start to focus on what they don't love and then they leave...Where in the vows did it say it's OK if they annoy you can get a divorce? If you ask anyone who has been married for a long period of time the one thing they will say is marriage is hard work! While everyone was dating they worked hard to keep their mates happy but now that your married it gives you the OK to stop all the hard work? No, you should be working harder!! I think that everything that we do in life whether it be marriage, career, parenting, traveling or just plain living requires hard work. Ed Martinez once said "I can get anyone a job, it's their job to keep it". Life requires maintenance so let's maintain!!

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